Gunntown Cemetery – Naugatuck, CT

Gunntown is a small place, not bigger than maybe a hundred feet by a hundred feet.  It is surrounded by a larger size stone wall and only has one small entrance in the front center of an iron gate. A fairly old cemetery, dating back just into the late 1700′s.  This place is known for 2 things. Weird and weirder! On most times visiting this place, Gunntown kind of grows on you.  It makes you feel like somehow you have been here before and its not really a cemetery. You feel good and comfortable and in some strange way, you might be content being there at 2am in an entirely dark place.

The chill will come from the old time music you can always hear playing as if a coffin was buried with a record player. The music is quite pronounced and it can be heard almost always on the right side of the cemetery. You will never find where it is coming from, but I can assure you, there is no house or neighbor playing music from the 1800′s.  You can hear a banjo or fiddle or some other kind of old time instruments being faintly played.  Quite eerie.

The second is that for some reason, when it’s time to depart, it might not want you to leave…  You heard me. I have been trapped in this cemetery 2 times already, and by trapped, we mean the iron gate is shut and will not open, even though moments earlier, it opens freely.  There is no lock and the gate is old, yes, but it sure opens fine and barely even squeaks.  Several times upon trying to leave, the gate felt pulled closed from the inside and would not open. We found ourselved climbing and jumping over the stone wall to get out. Strange?  Right after we climbed over the walls, the music stopped and we tested the gate and it opened up just fine.

Gunntown remains to me as a really strange abyss. There is no stories behind the place that I have ever found for it being “haunted.”  I have never heard of any others even investigating it, but I knew it was close to my home, so we decided to check it out one night.  We instantly became hooked. We have been to this location about 4 times in total and each time we run into the same routine. We have only been locked in 2 of those times, but that was still enough for us. Besides the music playing and not being able to leave, I would put this place down as really not rather haunted, but more, “still full of life.”

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  1. Ashley says:

    Very interesting article. I hope you had written permission to be at the cemetery so you don’t get in trouble for trespassing in any future endeavors. I’m part of the beacon falls paranormal society and we have been investigating gunntown for over a year now. I’m surprised with your findings there as we have never heard music from the 1800′s nor have we been kept from leaving. We have had many experiences there over the past year however they vary from yours. Interesting article though.

    • admin says:

      I guess all experiences are vastly different. Being an investigator for over 15 years myself, we have also been many places with no findings in spots and others assure it to be completely haunted. Good hunting!

      • Matt says:

        As an “investigator”, one whos has been doing this for 15 years, what exactly have you “investigated”.

        Heres my take on it. You have no experience either investigating and generally give a bad name to people who take this field seriously.

        You have no respect for the places you investigate nor the people who own the property. I quote directly from YOUR Hookmans article “I have been here a few times, but it sits on a small road that can be heavy at times with traffic, so you can easily pick up a nice ticket for trespassing.”

        I know for a fact the current owners do not want people on the property at night, or any one on it dealing with the paranormal.

        I do need to say very nice job rewriting the lore behind Gunntown and Hookmans. Yes, BTW Gunntown has two “N”s. for gods sake, its right on the sign in your picture! LOL

        Just admit it, you have absolutly no experience at either paranormal investigations, and a ton are learning how to rewrite various stories told forth threw out the years.

        As far as Hookmans goes, you might want to rewrite the fact that apparently a house is seen on the property on a clear night. FYI the gentleman who hung himself, hung himself across the street from the cemetery, no where near the cemetery.

        • admin says:

          Even though it is in my better judgement not to post such filth and garbage, I feel it must be openly said for ANYONE either a fan or investigator to read all comments… I must say a few words in response to the last remark apparently sent from a bunch of “paranormal experts” in Beacon Falls, CT:

          1. Look at your website and it will be quite apparent, you are not any sort of investigative team and have little experience. You show profile pictures of you fishing or “hanging out” and obviously do not take it seriously. You openly admit you started doing this after watching some TV. Wow, great training! Did I mention that I have worked with Ed Warren? NO. Because I do not need to brag about what I do or who I have trained with.
          2. Your own stories or photo’s show little or NO proof of any investigations that actually got you anywhere. Taking a few pictures while you play in the leaves is not investigating. Your places you have visited suck and your unprofessionalism online shows. I do understand your want and need to be taken seriously, but please, children, this is not the place.
          3. Sometimes you have to break a few laws or trespassing to get the real stories. Any reporter would tell you that. I post those warnings so other people do not go there in search of hauntings and screw around.
          4. I consider myself an investigator because I have investigated over 42 places in Connecticut and around New England with members spanning over the country for over 15 years. We currently have 200+ active members who report back with information all the time. This is a brand new site and we have been working to update it, but apparently a few college kids who watched some TV from Beacon Falls are an actual more “qualified investigative team?”
          5. Look at your website again and your “evidence” pictures… That is the saddest thing I have ever seen. You claim to be a paranormal team? Looks to me like you havent found sh*t yet.

          Grow up children and realize that starting a webiste with a flashlight and a camera doesnt mean your a paranormal team. It means your bored and saw something cool on TV to follow.
          It clearly shows your want and need for attention. Do you feel threatened? Did daddy run away at a young age? Something must have clicked for you to respond in the manner that you did so quickly. Not that I want to use my own site for personal humiliation but this had just gone out of control over an article on something you have nothing on. So I made a typo on Gunntown? Reread your response and you’ll find a few yourself big guy.

  2. KayDee says:

    I read your article regarding Gunntown Cemetary and the comments that have been posted. I find your response to “Matt” to be very hypocritical. You belittle him, swear at him, make comments regarding his father leaving him and then you claim HE’S unprofessional??? You also make several statements regarding his group being children, yet you never mention your name, your age or any other personal information. If you’ve been doing investigations for 15 yrs, I would guess you must be in your late 30′s if not older. Your response makes you seem much more childish than “Matt”. He never claims to be an “expert” he’s just pointing out discrepancies in the information you’ve posted. As far as I know.. Freedom of Speech & Opinion are still allowed. You make fun of “Matt’s” group for being motivated by a TV Show. So what bearing does that have on their interest?? What difference does it make HOW someone becomes interested and motivated?? Encouraging people to illegally enter a property is not the way to conduct yourself professionally. Do you find “evidence” every time you conduct an investigation? I doubt it very much. I’m familiar with the paranormal world enough to know that more times you get nothing from an investigation. Did you consider perhaps that’s why “Matt” has little evidence on his website? As far as your working with Ed Warren, I could say I’m Lorraine Warren.. Who’s to know? Anything can be said on the Internet and when you have no personal information available to help back up your claims, people become suspicious. At least “Beacon Falls Paranormal Society” doesn’t seem to feel the need to hide who they are or what they believe.

    • admin says:

      Look, we shall make this quite simple. If you re-read the comments made, Matt decided to verbally attack me and my site for no reason whatsoever. Maybe he is jealous of my site, or me. Or maybe he hates competition, I really do not know or care. I am not turning my website into a posting board for people to try and bash me.

      I did not start this war. He and his crew did for no just reason. It is perfectly fine to point out errors in a story, but I am not the expert on the history of locations. I investigate a rumor or haunted places. I am not a historian nor claim to be.

      Lets start focusing on your reply to me personally:

      1. You post a comment about me not disclosing my age, then you criticize me? Who are you to stand by and make accusations about my business. I do not make profit or charge and basically my website is a blog on my own experiences and information. I do not ask people to contact me so that I can solve their problems… I do this as part time research as I find this field of study quite interesting. What does it matter if I am 20 or 80?
      2. I do not know Matt and the comment of his father leaving him was meant to basically ask, “why do you feel the need to come at someone like myself for having an website?” If his daddy really left, that was an extreme coincidence. As for freedom of speech, I do believe that SLANDER is something not tolerated by anyone. Does Matt’s group go around to ALL Paranormal sites posting what other mistakes may be out there or just mine? I can tell you that I most certainly do NOT search out paranormal sites looking for mistakes… That’s just sad. It’s one thing to point out an error in a rumor or stories, and another for him to argue his facts as if he is the expert!
      3. I do not encourage people to illegally do anything. I pointed out that you can easily get tickets and give warnings. What I do is my business. You are not the authority’s are neither are they! In fact, last I checked, Matt’s group has pictures of Hookman’s on his own site… How did he attain those if he knows they owners of the property do not want anyone on their land? He got permission? I doubt it.
      4. I do not need to post personal info about working with the Warren’s to show credentials when this is MY OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE. I can say I am the fucking president, what difference does it matter, you are absolutely correct. Who cares. I know who I am, so dont worry about it.

      In conclusion, you do not need to “backup” your posting with “At least “Beacon Falls Paranormal Society” doesn’t seem to feel the need to hide who they are or what they believe.”

      That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. How exactly is anyone hiding? I have an informational website with blogs, pictures and stories. None of which means anything to you or his group. It is extremely sad that you or him feel the need to cause an argument online like children. Maybe you think this will drive people to your site because you have “better info” or something. What ever the reasoning behind all your rants and comments can only mean one thing;


  3. George L. says:

    It appears that it was started with some strange comments from Ashley, and then Matt decided he was going to play Internet Police!! haha

    Good article BTW, I have been there a few times at night and the place sure is creepy. Keep up the good work and keep posting new stuff!!

  4. Sandy says:

    I am very intrigued by ghost hunting. I just moved to Naugatuck from San Jose, California and it’s awesome knowing that I once again live by a place that has had paranormal activity ( if ever in California I suggest you visit the Winchester house, it’s a strange but alluring place!). As for these comments I think it is a little silly. My advice to the person who wrote this article is to ignore such comments. Is there a way to check comments before they get posted? From what I have read I don’t think the first comment wasnt meant to be problematic, seems like short and to the point and she seems try to offer helpful advice about the permissions and whatnot. The problem with the Internet is you can’t hear tones in voices or see body language. I can understand where matt’s comment can seem like an attack but I think you’d be best to leave any other comments like that alone. I mean no disrespect when I say this but insteD of leaving the comment be or providing a short answer to it addressing the article and nothing more, you have put yourself in a difficult position instead of leaving it be and making him look like the fool. Again I mean no disrespect and am simply trying to provide an objective view. And as far as kaydee goes, I think she was trying to say the same as me. Perhaps listing your credentials and experiences would benefit your site? Like you said it is your website but I think if people knew “oh this woman/man is __ years old and has done this this and this” versus an anonymous person that could be a child doing a school project it might present your website in a different light. Again this is all constructive in nature. Reading everything objectively, your responses don’t make them look childish or unprofessional. Sadly I think the opposite of that happened.
    On a seperate note, I look forward to reading more articles about connecticut! Do you often investigate in the valley area or go beyond that? How does one go about becoming an investigator? I admit I frequently watch ghost hunters, ghost adventures and ghost labs and anything else paranormal and always wonder how you can get involved with that as I would love to investigate a haunted place. I hope there are more articles to come.

    And since age seems to be a common question and point for argument I was born June 17, 1968 so nobody can claim I’m being secretive too. I hope to visit Gunntown myself!

    • Sandy says:

      Typo. Was meant to be problematic…. Not wasn’t. She sounds like she is trying to be helpful

      • admin says:

        Agreed. Things get out of control online. In this line of work, like Doctors or Scientists, you should work together for a common goal. none of us are experts in the field, since the field has been studied for thousands of years and no answers yet…

        I think everyone needs to take a step back and take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand. Search for answers! It’s why we all got into this field in the first place. If you have been doing this for 15 years or 15 days, there is still a ton to learn from each other. The problem is many people study the same place and have different findings. It doesnt mean than one group is better or that one group knows more, it is a full on roll of the dice.

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