Lindley Street – Bridgeport, CT

Lindley Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut had a notorious haunting, but it has since run it’s course.  The story behind this house started making real headlines in 1974 when current owners contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the unexplained experiences that were happening inside their home but the trauma started earlier than that.

The Goodin family was just like any other family from today’s standards. They had lost a child at a young age, and adopted a young child named Marcia.  Gerard and Laura Goodin, besides being over protective, since the loss of their only child, were considered fairly “normal parents.”

The unexplained events started happening in the early 1970′s shortly after the adoption.  Some say, the child, Marcia had a strange liking to the occult.  Others say she was a regular child and the house had brought the evil in.  There were documented reports of the family cat actually talking and yelling ethnic remarks…  Now myself, being a mild skeptic on some things even find this one odd, but the supreme height of this haunting puts this house into another category of haunting’s. Demonic possession.

The house itself had begun to take on a child like attitude.  It would throw temper tantrums and actually throw objects of furniture or other household items at whomever may have been inside.  The house daily could look ransacked like a burglar had just run through it. The reports were from Police Officers, Firemen who came to the scene and dozens of others.  The house became known around the world for it’s paranormal presence and attracted people from all over to come and see.  It turned to real circus quickly, especially since this was right around the time of the releasing of the movie, The Exorcist in theaters.

The property and the young girl were later exposed as a fraud, or so the story goes.  The house was not haunted and the property never had a demonic possession, but the wit of a high strung religious human had performed the events to portray a “haunted house.”  The evidence of crime records, police reports and all other events have been put behind us.  The property remains solid and still lived in.  No such paranormal experience has ever been seen since.

You can believe the story or the hoax, but this hot-spot has been mentioned in many books and references for the paranormal and hauntings.  makes you wonder if it was all real or not?


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Robin Reeve is the founder of Robin has been actively researching the paranormal since the early 1990's. He has several unpublished books regarding Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital and the events that have taken place there over the years. He is an active part of the Ghostwatcherz community online.

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  1. Diana says:

    After reading the Warrens website following a tv show tonight, I decided to google the Lindley St. story just to see if there was anything on it. I’d not heard that it was a hoax. I lived a couple miles from that house when the story hit. My best friend’s brother was one of the cops called to the scene… he stopped by to see his sister after leaving the scene, so shaken up that he had urinated on himself. He was trembling and crying (not talking about a wimpy guy) and I remember him describing the cross on the kitchen wall flying across the room at a priest, the refrigerator vibrating and hovering a couple of inches off the floor, a kitchen chair lifting and flying across the kitchen. He said he was not the only cop freaked out this badly. The poor guy was white as a sheet, struggling to get the words out and believe me, NOT prone to fabrication. There are more details I recall (w/accurate detail, I have an autobiographical memory). I remember my friend trying to console her “little” (30 yr old) brother. The story circulating at the time (from his dept) was that the little girl was not an infant at the time of her adoption and was invalid in demonic practices… the family did not have any problems prior to bringing her into the home. Are there any other articles about this incident?

    • admin says:

      Thats crazy! I always hear mixed reviews on Lindley St. I grew up in the area for awhile and a lot of people claimed a hoax, but never saw anything first hand either.

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