Dudleytown – Cornwall, CT. A cursed and haunted town

Dudleytown is an almost forgotten settlement in the town of Cornwall, Connecticut, just outside Torrington area in the Appalachian Mountains.  It exists today as only memories and foundations.  The land is now owned by a private preservation, Dark Forest Entry, Inc. and has been quite aggressive with the “No Trespassing” signs.

The town’s history is quite a local legend but for most part, all has a similar story line.  came to America in 1630 and settled in Guilford, CT and his children (2 sons) came to the settlement after the French and Indian wars.  His ancestors had tried to overthrow the King of England many years earlier, and were beheaded.  This legend states that a curse on his family would forever haunt him. That is one version at least…
Dudleytown-Tory's Den, Plymouth, CT

The second version is more based on cursed land here from around the same time and one of the Dudley’s were found murdered in those woods.  In either event, there is no mistaken, the town had near vanished after famine, draught and other terrible burdens fell on the settlers of Dudleytown.

Many believe that it was nothing more than the water supply that may have been either contaminated or the higher concentration of Mercury in the water that the settlers of drank that made them go crazy.  Many records reveal stories of settlers living past 90 to 100 years old.  In today’s standard, you would think that is not really amazing, but consider the fact that most people in the 1700-1800’s had a lifespan of around 40-50 years old.  There have been too many rumors, but the place today sure has a spooky vibe.

The last time I was at Dudleytown, I was 13 or 14 years old. I actually met there while he was taking pictures and putting together a documentation guide for the place.  He showed me photo’s he had taken in a book he carried.  Red eyes peeking through trees and huge orbs floating during the daylight.  There is a huge tree stump that covers a rock, just like a giant hand holding the rock to the ground.  There were hand carved symbols in many rocks, which I do believe were done by people who visited this place and attempted to bring up the scare factor.

As you venture through the trees along shrub covered paths, you do still have an eerie sense about being there.  The area is very silent, as if no living animals are present.  In most forests, the area are full of file and you see insects, birds or whatever might come your way.  Not here.  The land is dead silent and there is no chirping to be heard.  The trails are hard to follow now as they are quite disheveled.  The only resemblance left of a land that time has forgot is the remains of small stone foundations, not covered by leaves and debris.  Not much exists of this once eerie place.

Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve is the founder of Ghostwatcherz.com. Robin has been actively researching the paranormal since the early 1990’s. He has several unpublished books regarding Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital and the events that have taken place there over the years. He is an active part of the Ghostwatcherz community online.

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