How To Host A Halloween Party

Hosting your own Halloween party can be an uneasy task. The planning, the supplies, the execution. But what you put into it, makes the event worth it. In this brief blog post we share a few tips, treats and ideas.

The initial planning should be a minimum of a month in advance. Why? Remember, many people want to plan parties, so if you want an attendance, you need to ensure your are first to announce it!

Once you have a date and time that works (weekends work best), you can then start your actual prepping!

Are you planning to invite 5, 10 or 50 people? Makes a massive difference, not only for food and drinks, but also the layout, decor and planning for your party. Since you know it will most likely be a darker setup inside, so you do need enough light for people to see and walk, but the darker it is, the better and eerie you can make it!


Inside Props / Decor

Smaller Fog Machine

Darker Lights, Black Lights, Red Lights, etc.

Music. Although I recommend Halloween-esque Music and some fun dance music if you are in to that sort of thing.

Scary object, skulls, bats, skeletons. I like finding smaller skeletons and placing them around the house so they look like real little people working, or hanging around.

Candles always add a nice ambience as well, but be careful with candles that smell! Don’t make everyone small too many different scents.

Outside Props / Decor

Larger Fog Machine

Window Spider Webs, Stickers

Food / Drinks

Water, Soda, Juice, and plenty of Ice!

Chips, Dips, Snacks or homemade spooky treats.

Cheese Trays, Veggies, Dips.

Finger foods are always best.

Remember, when it comes to food and drinks being out, we strongly recommend a focal point like the kitchen for having everything available. We also recommend a second area setup, if you have enough people present. We try and set up a drink table or area so folks can mix and mingle and not take too much area up in the kitchen.


You always want photos, plenty of them. Either a photo booth area or just cell-phone snaps are best and everyone can have fun with it. Go ahead, host a Halloween Party now!


The party can be as grand as you want it, but I strongly urge you to keep it simple if this is your first.

Check back for future posts that dive into the details of making homemade treats, creating music playlists and really getting creepy for your guests!

Happy Hunting.

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