My Disturbing Favorite Horror Movie List

Few paranormal movies or haunting movies actually seem to impress me. Here are a few of my favorite horror movies:


This is one of those disturbing movies from long ago that was done right. It’s not a slasher movie with blood and guts, it’s more of a subtle demonic retro following movie. It’s a cult classic of small budget but delivers in a mind chilling fun adventure. Basic plot is of an expecting mother (Mia Farrow) who’s due date is 6/66…  Get where this is going?



A family movie for all ages…  Ok, maybe not, but this one is the number one rated horror movie of all time. I would assume and base this on the fact that no one had really seen anything like it before. Award winner Linda Blair plays the young role of Regan, a possessed girl who takes the word “disturbed” to another level.

exorcist movie 1973


Based from another true story of a family on Long Island haunted and possessed by demons or haunted spirits that cause the father of a family to go crazy and kill. A must for any psycho killer fan.



Ok, Alien Klowns come to our planet and shoot us with ray guns, wrap us in cotton candy and then use big straws to drink our blood through the cotton candy. Sounds cool right? This is another oddball movie and has little to do with the paranormal but is a great horror flick.

Killer Clowns From Outer Space Movie


A horror film of another type. Psycho killer meets slasher. It’s not all blood and guts, but it is graphic at times. A film by Rob Zombie that will sure make you feel sick since you already know there are real people like this in the world.


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