Paranormal Terms & Definitions

Since the dawn of time, man has fought with the inner demons that control our lives. What about the demons around us that are more “environmental or emotional” and control more from the behind the wheel.  Below is a short terminology and definitions of some of the most common paranormal terms and or ghost reference. If me miss any, please comment below and we’ll add them. Thanks.

  • . The most traditional term of the spirit of a living species. The life force that is left behind when a person dies. A ghost can be many things but is most commonly known as the soul of a person. Otherwise known as a Wraith, Anima, Entity, Soul, Spirit, Spook or simply, the Dead.
  • . This is slightly different, although related directly to Ghost. A poltergeist is a apparition that seems to have more of an influence or hold over this world. Typically this is seen by knockings, noises, moving objects. A Poltergeist can certainly be an evil spirit and can harm the living and can be referred to as an angered spirit or a ghost that has not yet crossed over. This type of entity can most certainly injure you such as biting, pinching or pushing you or other objects.  If you have seen the movie, Poltergeist, you understand.
  • . This subject is up for a ton of speculation and interpretation. A demon, as the Catholic religion sees it, is a drone or worker of the Devil. Something so evil that it’s only focus here is destruction and terror to anyone who comes in contact. Some religions believe that a demon is a fallen angel from heaven. that came here to mate with human women before deluge. Strange? This is the belief of many cultures…  Either way, a demon is rare to find and can be just as bad as you can imagine.
  • . A traditional haunt, is a place that has significance to the dead, therefor they have chosen to stay even after their life has ended. This can be a house, a building, a special place that had meaning to the one lost. A “haunt” is the place you would go to look for ghosts and research them.
  • . The term is a broad study of the unexplained or scientifically impossible. Ranging from UFO’s to ghosts to Black Holes in the universe. The study of something that does not seem to be humanly possible would be considered paranormal.
  • . An Electromagnetic Field is an electric impulse that is around just about any living object. It is a physical field of electrical charge. Power lines give off an EMF and so do humans as do our spirits. Many ghost hunters have been successful in locating haunted locations by using an EMF Detector or Gauss Meter. They can be purchased online or in stores like Radio Shack for about $50.00 to $200.00. A typical ghost hunters first tool.
  • (Demonic Possession). This one gets a bit tricky. Did you see the Exorcist? This topic can lead to many things, but there is also a great following of people who strongly believe it is possible to be inhabited by the spirit of a deceased person or demon. Although not your typical haunt,  possession has been studied for centuries and written about is many texts of many languages, which may say there is some truth to this. People who have been under possession have often spoken in languages they never learned or have information that they could not have known. Possession is not only for living things, it has also been known to inhabit inanimate objects such as dolls or items.  Click for link to Annabelle.

Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve is the founder of Robin has been actively researching the paranormal since the early 1990’s. He has several unpublished books regarding Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital and the events that have taken place there over the years. He is an active part of the Ghostwatcherz community online.

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