Real Life Ghost Stories. How Many Are Real?

When you think of any real life ghost stories you may have heard over the years, how much may be fact versus fiction? Stories become passed down over generations and lost in translation from person to person. It’s like a game of telephone.

During the early years, many families had history and stories dating back hundreds of years. But over time, the stories were passed from generation to generation and I’ll bet many lost facts. Especially ones told to children as they grew up. So how do you find out fact and fiction today based on those stories?

real ghost stories hauntings

Well, the first place I look is newspapers. You can typically find information online, but if your looking back for files before the 1970’s, you may have to actually use the library. How far will you want to go to seek out the actual truth?

Many towns have legacies and history with dangerous pasts. A little question digging may go a long way… You just may be surprised at what your own family history holds in it’s secrets.

What stories have you uncovered and always wanted to know if they were true or not? Comment below!

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