Souls. How far do you travel?

Ask fifty people where a soul goes when a person dies and you’re probably looking at fifty different answers. I can remember being young and my grandmother blessing my soul every time I was bad . So it has to be something real, right? But what is it and where does it go…when it’s time for you to go. There are many who think it’s your mind and thoughts. There’s even a story of your body losing 21 grams in weight once you pass away. Whether you feel your soul can physically leave your body or spiritually blend into another level, your hypothesis may be as good as anyone else’s.

What happens to our soul?

Many believe your soul goes in two directions; heaven or hell. Be a good person and you attain eternal peace and happiness. Be a bad person and you wander eternally in your very own personal barbecue. But does this satisfy those that question this and want a more concrete answer? Probably not.

There are quantum physicists that have opened the idea of its ties to a theory of . Your body separate from your mind. Much in the way a memory card can be taken out of a camera that no longer works. Well, not in the same exact way, but metaphorically speaking. Your soul leaves the second you body says no more. But again, this theory is up for debate as well.

One popular belief is reincarnation. Your soul enters a no man’s land upon death and begins a waiting period until it’s “assigned” a new body taking with you the same traits, tastes, and ideals. You begin your new life building on the personality you have with your experiences in your new life’s span. Reminds me of the old movie starring Warren Beatty where he jumps from one body to the next after the first one dies never realizing he’s made that move consciously. If you’re a big believer in the “soul never dies” theory, this is a possibility. But if that’s the case, where is Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison now?

Peter Novak wrote a book called : Our Divided Soul and the Aftermath in which he introduced his theory of a “binary soul doctrine”. He theorized you have a soul AND a spirit which make up the two halves of the mind. Your unconscious half, or your soul, retained memory. While your conscious half, your spirit, was free of memory and emotion but had free will. Upon death, he believes your soul and spirit separate with your soul being eliminated while your spirit joins with another soul in a form of reincarnation. This is repeated until you reach your “judgment day” after a number of souls have been with your spirit. It’s then that all your past souls will reunite with your spirit and you will become a highly enlightened person from all this collective experience. A long process that could take generations to finish.

Regardless of your religious or scientific beliefs, there is no clear cut answer to where your soul goes after you die or if there is a soul that goes anywhere in the first place. Science will continue to take a look at the conscious mind as being connected to your “soul”. Yet spiritually, you are thought to be about to begin a spiritual journey when you die. There are too many questions and not enough answers. Hopefully one day an answer can be found at the quantum level scientifically. If not, ask away when you are recording in a haunted location and see if you can get an answer. Maybe all it takes is one EVP saying that right thing to lead both scientists and spiritualists down the same path.

Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve is the founder of Robin has been actively researching the paranormal since the early 1990’s. He has several unpublished books regarding Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital and the events that have taken place there over the years. He is an active part of the Ghostwatcherz community online.

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